Despite rapid and sustained growth over the last decade, CAS still struggles to meet demand from area residents for needed equipment.  Last year, more than 14,000 pieces of equipment were loaned out and yet we still turned away hundreds of individuals a month due to lack of equipment.

Benefits include:

Promotion on our website, which receives thousands of unique visitors each month
Click-through link to your website
A chance to increase foot traffic at your location
Provide a valuable community service to your clients, members or neighbors

For more information about the program, email Mark Waterson: or call (626) 793-1696

If we could only get our hands on more equipment, we would be able to sanitize, repair and loan out more items to help people live independent lives!

We’ve partnered with the organizations listed below to help us collect pieces of DME conveniently, and we’d like your help too!  Does your church, school, business or club have a little-used closet or space to accept a few items every once in a while?  If so, we’d like to partner with you.

Remote donation sites receive used equipment like wheelchairs and walkers for CAS.  Donated items are picked up as needed or on a regular basis by CAS employees.