*Q: How do I apply?

A: In order to apply for equipment, you may call at 626-793-1696 or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment. Go to our Pasadena office and park behind our office building and remain seated on your vehicle. Wait for CAS Staff to assist you (CURBSIDE SERVICES) and your going to fill out an application in a TABLET DEVICE that will be handed to you. On the application you will need the contact information, including addresses and phone numbers for 3 separate individuals as part of this application: The Client, The Cosigner and one additional Contact Person. The client must live within the Greater San Gabriel Valley, while the Co-Signer must live within Los Angeles County.

Proof of residency from the Client and Cosinger (drivers license and utility bill) is required (NO PHOTO COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED).




(Please submit these following documents via email prior to schedule an appointment)

1. Facility Letter (letter head) stating client residency and equipment responsibility.


2. FORM 115(CLICK HERE)(Facility Residency Equipment Loan Agreement)

3.Business Card of the person in charge of the facility.

4. Valid ID.

5. Email document to customerservice@cas1.org

Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: No, we serve clients of all ages.

Q: Are there ever any charges or service fees?

A: The client will never be charged for using our durable medical equipment. We loan hospital beds free of charge but the mattresses are not included.However, you may purchase the mattress from CAS. Delivery is available for hospital beds and mattresses. The  delivery fee is based on the distance from  our office. Handling fee and/or service fee may apply.

Q: What if I have an account already with your organization?

A: If you already have an account with Convalescent Aid Society and its been two years since the account was established, You are again required to show proof of residency a valid ID and Utility Bills for both borrower of the equipment and cosigner of the account.  CLICK HERE for REINSTATEMENT REQUIREMENTS.

Q: Is there anything that you do not lend?

A: We do not lend disposable equipment (such as diapers, bed pads, etc.), only durable equipment (meaning reusable). Please check our items for loan page to see the items we currently loan out. If the item you are looking for is durable and not listed, please    free to contact us to check if we have the item in question available to loan.

Q: Do you accept donations of gently used medical equipment?

A: Yes! The equipment we accept must be durable equipment, not disposable. Also, please note that the equipment must be in working condition (or easily             repaired).

Q: How can I support the work of Convalescent Aid Society?

A: You can click on donations on our website or you can write a check for any amount and mail it to our office.

  •      You can donate used medical equipment.
  •      You can volunteer your time.
  •      You can give a gift of stock or include Convalescent Aid Society in your estate plan. Or call Mark Waterson at (626) 793-1696 to discuss your questions.